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[Support] Mail in rebate support and inquiries

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Where do I submit/ track my mail in rebate?


All rebate processing and submission services are contracted to a third party fulfillment center and Pivos does not process any rebates in house.

For questions about current promotion, submission process, terms and conditions, you can visit

For track your rebate and check the status of your rebate, please visit

Rebate program ONLY APPLIES to participating resellers. You can visit for a FULL list of qualifying merchants. Participants may change over time, so make sure you read the entire terms & conditions thoroughly. Normally, reseller who participate our sales promotion SHOULD have it advertised at the time of purchase.

Contact Pivos about rebates:
To better service your request and protect your identity, please DO NOT post your rebate inquiry, attachments or PM your information on the forum. Our forum moderators won't be able to support or assist in this manner.

If you are having issues with your rebate claim, please make sure to INCLUDE:
1) a copy of your submission
2) product UPC code and sales receipt
and email to, so our customer service representative can help you resolve the issues in timely manner.

We should respond back to your inquiry with in 24 hours (normal operation hours). Inquiries WITHOUT above materials might delay our response or could result to be dismissed without response. So before you send a question about your rebates, make sure these materials are included.

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