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[TROUBESHOOTING-AIOS HD] Detecting hard drive issues

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My internal hard drive is not being detected by the AIOS. How do I fix this?


The main causes for the AIOS not being able to detect your internal HDD are the following:

- Physical damage to the HDD or the AIOS SATA port/adapter. (Sometimes during movement or transportation the connector can dislodge)
- Structural damage meaning the HDD was used in windows and FAT got messed up, HDD was pulled from an external enclosure and has additional partitions for virtual CDs and recovery purposes, etc.
- Bootcode incompatibility issues

To fix a damaged or dislodged connector, simple open the box and reseat the connetor.

To fix structural damage, start by deallocating any existing partitions in the Windows Storage Management tool. Then, place the unit back into the AIOS and reformatting the HDD via the AIOS System menus.

If deallocating the drive still doesn't work, you may need to Telnet into the system and manually format the drive. (This is a little technical, you may skip this step and proceed to warranty replacement)

Telnet and format instructions:



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