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I get a blank screen. How do I fix this display issue.


A blank screen can be the result of a few things. Lets start by localizing the issue. Please review this questionaire/checklist to zero in on the cause of the issue. Attach the answers to your ticket to technical support.

1. When did this issue occur? a. out of the box b. just recently

2. Are you using the supplied HDMI cable?

3. Double-check the powercord and the activity lights. Is the media player ON?

4. Do you have another tv to test this media player on? What are the results?

5. Did this happen after updating to another firmware?

6. Did this happen after installing a new firmware?

7. Please try flashing the unit. Use the last method in the link below to force flash the unit. You'll need a pin to poke the button:

8. For the latest firmware follow the link below:

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