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How to: Boot the XIOS XS into Recovery

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How do I boot the XIOS XS into recovery mode?


Functional XIOS XS:

a. Terminal emulator (or via SSH or Telnet)

Code:    su

             reboot recovery
b. Reboot Recovery
Semi-bricked XIOS XS:
- Extract the contents of the XS forced recovery zip to the root of a mSD card.
- Reboot with the mSD card installed and the XS will go into recovery automatically and you
can then restore factory settings
- From the recovery console do a factory reset
- Remove the mSD card (else XS will loop into recovery as long as the two files remains on
the root of the mSD card), if that is your main XS mSD card you can remove the mSD card
remove/rename the files and re-insert it while the box is still in recovery console.
- reboot.

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