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Orange arrow How do I submit a RMA request?

  Before you submit a support ticket, it is RECOMMENDED to check for any new firmware updates, knowledge center, posted FAQs and forum posts. Feel free to leave any questions under the appropriate product forum and our Pivos Support representative shall attend it shortly.For RMA related issues includ...
Orange arrow Can I install a webcam on the XIOS to use a video chat app?

  Yes. The XIOS supports webcams. Skype - WorksWebcam - Logitech...
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Orange arrow I get a blank screen. How do I fix this display issue.

  A blank screen can be the result of a few things. Lets start by localizing the issue. Please review this questionaire/checklist to zero in on the cause of the issue. Attach the answers to your ticket to technical support. 1. When did this issue occur? a. out of the box b. just recently2. Are you us...
Orange arrow How do I connect to a WPA network?

  For WPA network, your network settings need to be WPA/WPA2 (-AES). Settings of (-TKIP) Will not work....
Orange arrow How do I connect to WPA network?

  You should use the AES settings instead of TKIP.Here is a link to a community discussion of the topic:" Before: CH11/20MHz CH width / Control Sideband - upper / Network mode - N only Now: CH6 / 40MHz CH width / Control Sideband - upper / Networ...
Orange arrow I'm having trouble with sharing media to the XIOS from a Windows 8 system. How do I fix this.

  Our forum is filled with helpful tips and tricks to get the best use out of your XIOS media Play!If you haven't done so please visit and join our awesome forum community. Pleas see the link below for help with sharing files from Windows 8. Here's a simple way to get your Windows 8 sharing done eas...
Orange arrow Where do I submit/ track my mail in rebate?

  All rebate processing and submission services are contracted to a third party fulfillment center and Pivos does not process any rebates in house. For questions about current promotion, submission process, terms and conditions, you can visit track your rebate and...
Orange arrow What wireless adapter will work for AIOS HD?

  The AIOS HD Media Center supports USB adapter based on 11N8709, RTL8187 and RTL8191SU chipsets. You can use the official Pivos 802.11n USB WIFI adapter sold at or any compatible third party products from the list below. - AWLL6075 Airlink101 - AWLL5077 Airlink101 - DLINK DWA-130 HW ver...
Orange arrow Q: What type of 3D video is compatible with the XIOS/AIOS ?

  A: The XIOS/AIOS can playback 3D videos in Half-SBS and Half-TnB format with maximum resolution of 1080p. Note that a 3D capable display compatible with these input formates is required....
Orange arrow What are the different options of audio in the settings menus?

  LPCM -> Stereo Downmix RAW -> Whatever source is Multichannel LPCM -> convert DD/DTS to LPCM with no downmixing...
Orange arrow My internal hard drive is not being detected by the AIOS. How do I fix this?

  The main causes for the AIOS not being able to detect your internal HDD are the following:- Physical damage to the HDD or the AIOS SATA port/adapter. (Sometimes during movement or transportation the connector can dislodge) - Structural damage meaning the HDD was used in windows and FAT got messed ...
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