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Orange arrow Can I install Linux Ubuntu to XIOS DS Media Play?

  The XIOS DS DOES NOT support Ubuntu. If you are looking to alternative firmware, our dedicated XBMC Linux port might be of interest to you. You can find that information here on our forums at
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Orange arrow Can I install a webcam on the XIOS to use a video chat app?

  Yes. The XIOS supports webcams. Skype - WorksWebcam - Logitech...
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Orange arrow How do I install an APK?

  Put the APK on a flash drive.Go to the app draw and open "file manager" app.Go to the flash drive to where you have the apk.Click the APK.Click "INSTALL" Cheers!...
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Orange arrow I updated my Adobe Flash and now have problems. How do I fix this?

  For the most compatible Adobe Flash app please use the one listed here: newest version may only be designed for smart phones and not specifically designed for Media Players....
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Orange arrow How to add USB Game Controllers (XBOX 360)?

  - Download one of the attached rars depending on the Android version you are running.- Extract into the root of your SD card.- Execute the script (/mnt/sdcard/GamePad360_ICS/ or /mnt/sdcard/GamePad360_GB/ depending on your installation), using your favourite script m...
Orange arrow How do I get youtube working? Updated app and it's no longer working!

  Youtube version should work after 12/15/12 firmware update. If still experiencing problems see here:
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