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Orange arrow How to add USB Game Controllers (XBOX 360)?

  - Download one of the attached rars depending on the Android version you are running.- Extract into the root of your SD card.- Execute the script (/mnt/sdcard/GamePad360_ICS/ or /mnt/sdcard/GamePad360_GB/ depending on your installation), using your favourite script m...
Orange arrow How to replace XIOS DS remote battery?

  Replacing the remote control battery 1) Pull out the battery holder. 2) Insert the new battery in the holder, note the positive polarity should face outward. 3) Push the holder into the remote control. ...
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Orange arrow How do I set up the wireless connection?

  In the "settings" menu, the first tab is WIFI. From that tab you'll see a toggle switch in the upper right hand corner. Press the right dirctional key on the remote to highlight that switch. Switch it ON.Now select your wireless network. Use the on-screen keyboard to enter the password. If you are ...
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