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Orange arrow What wireless adapter will work for AIOS HD?

  The AIOS HD Media Center supports USB adapter based on 11N8709, RTL8187 and RTL8191SU chipsets. You can use the official Pivos 802.11n USB WIFI adapter sold at or any compatible third party products from the list below. - AWLL6075 Airlink101 - AWLL5077 Airlink101 - DLINK DWA-130 HW ver...
Orange arrow Does the AIOS have built-in wireless network connection

  The unit DOES NOT have built in wireless connection. However, for wireless connectivity, you will have to purchase an optional wifi adapter to enable the wireless access. --> -->You can use either the Pivos branded wireless adapter or any qualified third party adapter found here: http://www.pivosfo...
Orange arrow How do I connect to a WPA network?

  For WPA network, your network settings need to be WPA/WPA2 (-AES). Settings of (-TKIP) Will not work....

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