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Orange arrow I get a blank screen. How do I fix this display issue.

  A blank screen can be the result of a few things. Lets start by localizing the issue. Please review this questionaire/checklist to zero in on the cause of the issue. Attach the answers to your ticket to technical support. 1. When did this issue occur? a. out of the box b. just recently2. Are you us...
Orange arrow How do I connect to WPA network?

  You should use the AES settings instead of TKIP.Here is a link to a community discussion of the topic:" Before: CH11/20MHz CH width / Control Sideband - upper / Network mode - N only Now: CH6 / 40MHz CH width / Control Sideband - upper / Networ...
Orange arrow I'm having trouble with sharing media to the XIOS from a Windows 8 system. How do I fix this.

  Our forum is filled with helpful tips and tricks to get the best use out of your XIOS media Play!If you haven't done so please visit and join our awesome forum community. Pleas see the link below for help with sharing files from Windows 8. Here's a simple way to get your Windows 8 sharing done eas...

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